This is a GabbaLab project. The idea came from the moment when one of our partners was willing buy himself a new car and rapidly became very tired of setbacks with the conventional mumbo jumbo coming from car sellers. So we have been working to design and develop an advisor tool to help buyers to come through this painful process. We have developed a prototype app almost ready for release that will, in a first instance, be focused on informing the average market price of vehicles, based on the price index disclosed annually by a respected economic research institute (Fipe). The coolest feature is to give additionally projections on how much value each vehicle loses every year.

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GabbaLab | Years: 2011-2012
.Executive Production: Danilo Almeida, André Moret, Daniela Baldin & Natasja Berzoini
.Art Direction: Danilo Almeida and geO Freitas
.iOS and Backend Development: André Moret